The Iconic Stussy Popsicle Hoodie: A Streetwear Favorite. The Stussy Popsicle hoodie stands out as one of the most iconic and sought-after pieces in streetwear history. First released in the 1990s, this graphic pullover hoodie features a colorful popsicle print that instantly evokes summertime vibes. In this blog, we’ll break down the key details and background of the coveted Stussy Popsicle hoodie and why it remains a grail piece for collectors today.

History and Origins

The Stussy Popsicle hoodie derives from the namesake California streetwear brand founded by Shawn Stussy in the 1980s. Stussy emerged from the surf and skate culture in Southern California to become one of the pioneering streetwear labels.

Stussy set itself apart through its signature hand-scrawled logo and apparel that blended surf/skate utility with a streetwise aesthetic. The Stussy World Tour in the early 1990s helped catapult the brand into legendary status.

Early Stussy Hoodies

Early Stussy hoodies embodied relaxed SoCal vibes with their oversized silhouettes and soft fleece fabrics. Signature details included kangaroo pouches and the Stussy logo printed boldly on the front or sleeves.

The Popsicle Print

In the 1990s, Stussy introduced specialty graphic hoodies like the Stussy Popsicle Hoodie. The all-over print featured rows of classic frozen popsicles against a black background.

This vibrant design complemented the laidback Stussy style while adding a new colorful twist. It quickly became a fan favorite.

Details and Features

Several key details define the original Stussy Popsicle hoodies that are sought after today:

Oversized Silhouette

Like most vintage Stussy hoodies, the Popsicle hoodie has an oversized, slouchy fit. This provides a cozy roomy feel.

Fleece Fabric

The soft fleece fabric with slightly pilled texture makes the Popsicle hoodie super comfortable and ideal for layering.

All-Over Popsicle Print

The rows of popsicles against black cover the entire sweatshirt. The popsicles appear in multicolored fruit flavors.

Stussy Logo Accents

Small Stussy logos accent the upper chest and sleeve cuff, tying the graphic print back to the brand.

Kangaroo Pouch

A roomy kangaroo front pouch pocket provides function and completes the heritage streetwear look.

Rarity and Grail Status

Over the decades, the Stussy Popsicle hoodie has become increasingly rare and coveted by collectors. Here’s why it maintains such grail status:

Vintage Appeal

As with most vintage Stussy, the worn-in, pilled fleece and broken-in feel of older Popsicle hoodies is impossible to replicate. Excellent condition vintage versions go for premium prices.

Limited Quantity

Stussy produced a relatively small run of the specialty Popsicle Stussy hoodies originally, making any remaining deadstock pieces super valuable.

Celebrity Endorsement

Seeing 1990s hip hop tastemakers like Wu-Tang Clan rocking the Popsicle hoodie further spiked demand. The celebrity affiliation maintains the style’s reputation.

Iconic Graphics

The all-over fruit popsicle print is instantly recognizable. The summery graphics keep the Popsicle hoodie feeling relevant decades later.

How to Style It

The vibrant Stussy Popsicle hoodie adds a fun pop of color and print to any streetwear fit. For styling, it’s all about contrasting the graphic hoodie with simple basics:

Black Jeans or Joggers

Stick to classic black jeans or joggers on the bottom to keep attention on the hoodie print. Avoid competing patterns.

Plain Tees

Pair with white or black oversized tees to let the hoodie stand out as the statement piece.

Mono-Color Sneakers

Clean white or black sneakers like Vans or Air Force 1s balance out the busyness of the hoodie.

Buckets Hats or Caps

A solid black bucket hat or white dad cap contributes to the neutral color scheme.

Where to Buy

Thanks to its enduring hype, getting your hands on an authentic Stussy Popsicle hoodie isn’t easy. Here are the top options:


This reseller app offers rare deadstock or used Popsicle hoodies, often at steep prices.


eBay listings can turn up reasonably priced vintage Popsicle finds if you search diligently. Exercise caution for potential fakes.

Vintage Shops

In major cities, vintage boutiques may have select vintage Stussy stock like the Popsicle hoodie.

Stussy Collaborations

Occasionally Stussy partners with brands like BAPE for re-issued takes on the Popsicle hoodie.


With its vibrant fruit popsicle graphics and heritage streetwear roots, the Stussy Popsicle hoodie remains one of the most coveted vintage pieces for fans and collectors. Prices only continue to climb for authentic versions of this iconic graphic hoodie.

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